“You need to listen to me” written in Chinese characters. In pinyin: “Nǐ xūyào tīng wǒ.”

Trying to learn Chinese in 5 minutes is a trendy concept. Why shouldn't it be? Chinese is a complicated and intimidating language. Convincing people that the process of studying Chinese isn’t as hard as it seems is a good way to get learners interested in studying the language.

But no one expects to become fluent in Chinese through cursory studying. I began studying Chinese in 2015. It took me three years to pass the Chinese HSK Level 3 exam. That arguably puts you “half the way” to becoming fluent in Chinese (the HSK exam has 6 levels).

The good news…

There isn’t a lack of affordable housing in Los Angeles, the affordable homes are just too far away

Depending on where you are within Central Los Angeles, the following cities are likely 40–60 miles from you: Ontario, San Bernardino, Long Beach, Riverside, Corona, and Oxnard to name a few. Stretching a bit further are Palm Springs and Bakersfield at about 100 miles.

Most anyone who works a 9-to-5 job in the epicenter of Los Angeles wouldn’t live in any of the above areas due to the horrendous daily commute:

Santa Monica to Ontario would be two hours driving during rush…

Failing two tests, allowed me to pass another

The Chinese character for the word “Bao” or “precious” in Chinese.

Four years ago, I decided I wanted to learn Chinese. Working in the entertainment industry, I saw a considerable amount of activity coming in from China and thought it might be beneficial to try and pick up a little Mandarin. Los Angeles is a competitive town, one where it behooves you to be as skilled as possible and knowing Mandarin seemed like an intriguing niche.

The truth is, I gave learning Chinese the college try because I had trouble getting into college, well, grad school. I received a 147 on the LSAT, the Law School Admission Test. I followed that…

Save your nature and have it, too.

A rare snapshot of a Santa Monica Mountain Lion. Credit: SCPR

Los Angeles is one of only two megacities in the world with a population of big cats. Can you name the other? Too late: It’s Mumbai. An expanding metropolis has caused mountain lions living in Los Angeles to be boxed in, in so doing, they are inbreeding, which directly threatens their survival.

It’s been said the future existence of the Santa Monica Mountain Lion relies on the construction of a new overpass, which would allow wildlife to move across man-made structures, such as the 101 Freeway. According to UCLA Evolutionary Biologist Bob Wayne

An idea so good, it already exists.

Americans are hurting. The Federal Reserve says roughly half of the citizens in this country can’t afford an unplanned expense of more than $400. Many people are aware of that statistic; becoming part of it the hard way.

I have an idea: we should take the mechanisms of the lottery and implement them into savings accounts. Instead of buying a lottery ticket every other week, individuals could deposit money into a savings account that would reward them with a lottery ticket they could turn into a higher payout.

Good idea? It can’t entirely…

A pitch is thrown up and inside to a batter, grazing his neck. It’s assumed to be retribution for Cadillacing it around the bases after homering his last at-bat. Some call it chin music, but the only sound seems to be coming from the barking of the bench coach in the opposing dugout—some guy with a mustache who hit .270 in 1982 and now sleeps with a fungo bat.

“That’s horses**t. You don’t throw at a guy’s head,” he yells to the mound. …

According to an impeccable thread on a reliable site, around nine percent of MLB games over the past twenty years have resulted in extra innings, only about five percent of these games have gone beyond ten innings.

Yet here we are, on the brink of another offseason where MLB will do its best NFL impression, trying to find a rule to change a game most of its customers have no problem with. For the NFL, its making a violent game less violent, but still giving enough outlets for its players to do dances. …

Paul Nyhart

Author of “Bao.” Founder of http://in5minutes.com

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